Thompson Optometrists provide high quality, specialized eye-care and examination services to maintain your optical health and suit your needs

  • Eye-care consultations

A full examination and eye health check, recommended annually.

  • Driver License Screening

Eye examination or repeat testing after a failed Driver Licence eye test,
to check your vision is up to the NZTA requirements.

  • Contact Lens Fitting

Ensures you have the right products by making sure your lenses are comfortable
and correct for your needs, and that you know how to use them safely. 

  • Contact lens checks

Provides follow-up and after-care (after contact lens fitting) for new contact lens wearers,
and check-ups for existing contact lens wearers.

  • Retinal Photography

A photo of the back of the eye for a better view of the overall health of your eyes,
available at Thompson Optometrists Howick only. 

  • Glaucoma checks

Involves a pressure test, visual fields test and optic nerve examination
to detect possible glaucoma early. 

  • Visual fields testing

Tests side vision, usually a follow-up test upon recommendation by the Optometrist. 

  • Colour vision tests

As required to test for colour blindness or upon recommendation by the Optometrist.