Ralph Thompson and his team strive to provide spectacles that will not only enhance your vision but also make you look and feel great.

Thompson Optometrists stock an extensive and varied range of spectacle frames across their two locations; from modest styles to the latest designs.


 Thompson Optometrists offer a range of lens types, special coatings and other options to provide the best product combination for your visual needs;

  • Hard-coated lenses 

Provide clear vision ideal for indoor wear, as well as strength
and scratch resistance to help protect your lenses longer.

  • Anti-reflective lenses 

Provide crystal clear vision, eliminating the
‘reflective hazing’ common on hard-coated lenses.

  • Bifocal lenses 

Provide the wearer with distance and near vision
in the convenience of a single lens.

  • Progressive lenses 

Offer the wearer distance, intermediate and near vision blended
into a single lens to provide clear vision for all day-to-day tasks
without the unsightly line of a bifocal lens.

  • Transitions lenses 

Adjust to light conditions; becoming darker while in sunlight
to help reduce eye strain, but return to appearing clear indoors.

  • Occupational lenses 

Provide intermediate and near focal distances
ideal for office and computer workers.



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