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Dry Eye is a sore, gritty feeling caused by not enough tears being produced or something affecting the quality of tears to form a protective film.

It is common with aging and is more common in woman than men. The condition is associated with some conditions, and with computer use (not blinking enough).

Symptoms of Dry Eye may include any of the following:-

  • Stinging or burning of the eye
  • A sandy or gritty feeling as if something is in the eye
  • Pain and redness of the eye
  • Heavy eyelidsImage result for dry eye images
  • Tired eyes
  • Decreased tolerance of reading or working on the computer

Who is at risk of Dry Eye?

  • 75% of people over 65 are affected
  • Females – hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause or the use of contraceptives.
  • Those using medications such as decongestants, antihistamines, antidepressants, acne treatment and blood pressure tablets.
  • Those with medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, asthma, thyroid disease and other immune diseases.
  • Smokers – In addition to dry eyes, smoking has been linked to serious eye problems, including macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Computer users – tend to blink less.

Talk to Ralph, Jess or Melissa at your next appointment – there are treatments that can help ease the symptoms of Dry Eye, or just drop in and see us, we have products that can give you relief for sore gritty eyes.

OPTIMEL Manuka Dry Eye Drops – Improves eye comfort and reduces lid redness


D.E.R.M Dry Eye Relief Mask


Moist heat therapy for Dry Eye

Studies have proven that applying moist-heat to the eyelids relieves dry eye. Temperature and duration are important to effectively loosen clogged oils which slow tear evaporation, relieving dryness. Equally important is the humidity. Increased humidity speeds heat transfer, stabilizes the tear film, slows tear evaporation and hydrates sensitive eyelid skin.

The Dry Eye Relief Mask, D.E.R.M.™, is our entry level solution for immediate dry eye relief. The mask contains Silica beads which naturally attract moisture from the air and release it when microwaved. Heating the mask for 20 seconds will provide soothing moist-heat relief for 4-6 minutes.

Applying a moistened cotton liner to the mask prior to heating will extend the treatment to 7-9 minutes.

D.E.R.M.™ is hypoallergenic and can also be used to create cold therapies for allergy relief.

Quartz Silicone Sleep Shield

Lightweight and comfortable, the Quartz™ mask offers lagophthalmos and sleep apnea patients using CPAPs nighttime relief from associated dry eye.

Soft and flexible, this hydrating mask is made from medical grade silicone and rests inside the orbital bones.

Fitted with an adjustable headband, it gently protects the eyes from drafts and low humidity, creating a moisture-rich environment, relieving dry eye and related conditions.

The mask is hypoallergenic, latex-free and BPA-free.

Eyeseals 4.0 Clear Hydrating Sleep Mask

Awake with eyes feeling bright, refreshed and hydrated.

Eyeseals™ 4.0 are proven to help relieve dry eyes during rest and sleep. Soft and flexible, they are made of material developed for medical use.

The unitary design gently rests over the orbital bones, comfortably sheltering dry eyes from drafts, dust, low humidity environments and leaking air from CPAPs. The eyecups are deep enough that eyelashes won’t touch when blinking.

Fitted with an adjustable headband, eyeseals™ 4.0 create a moisture rich environment for the eyes, eyelid and surrounding skin. The masks are hypoallergenic, latex-free and BPA-free. Made in the USA.

Recommended for nocturnal lagophthalmos, mild to severe dry eye, floppy eye syndrome, recurrent corneal erosions, air travel, and for use as CPAP eye protection.

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